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Antica Posta

Our History

The Betti Brothers: Marco and Alessandro


Tuscany in the World

Two Brothers from Reggello, Firenze, Tuscany

The Betti brothers grew up in the Tuscan hills just outside Florence, working in the family butcher shop with their

father, Silvano, and at the apron of their mother, Rosanna.

Marco Betti
Please allow me not only to introduce myself but also to give you a little background information about me and who I am. My name is Marco Betti. I was born and raised in Reggello, Italy, county of Florence, in the heart of Tuscany. My family goes back many generations in that part of the world. Growing up, all the way until I finished college,


I worked in my parents butcher shop in Reggello, which has been owned by my family since 1957 and is still open and owned by the Bettis, but managed by another local family. After graduating college with an accounting degree, I went to work for a Benetton franchisor in London as a store supervisor for the first year and a half and as an area supervisor (of four stores) for the last three years. After four and 1/2 years in London, I moved back to Italy to open the Body Shop Cosmetics flagship store in Via Del Corso in Rome, Italy.


In 1989, my brothers and I went into business on our own and open our first restaurant at the Fattoria degli Usignoli in the Florence countryside. After two years of successful business due to the landlord not being able to renew the lease I went to work on cruise ships to learn more about fine dining. First I worked on the Crystal Harmony for one year and then the Radisson Diamond for two and half years as a Maitre’/restaurant and bar manager. In September of 1994 I went back home and opened Antica Posta Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast in San Casciano, Italy, 6 miles south of Florence in the heart of Chianti.


In 1999 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and opened a second Antica Posta. Since working in the United States I have done consulting work for Marriott and Silver Seas Cruises for their brands of Italian restaurants. I also import and wholesale specialty Italian foods, such as evoo and Truffles from Tuscany and Piedmont, as well as operate a successful Italian tour business. I am the proud owner of the successful Tuscan Restaurant named Antica Posta in Buckhead, consider by many the best restaurant in the city. I am looking forward to continued success and expansion together with my brother Alessandro. 

Alessandro Betti
Chef Alessandro Betti, known as Sandro, began his career with his two older brothers, Marco and Gianni, at their first restaurant called Fattoria Degli Usignoli located in the family hometown Reggello, a small hillside town fifteen miles southeast of Florence.


Much like his older brothers, he worked in his parents butcher shop while growing up which helped him to become familiar with all kinds of meats and allowed him to visit a lot of restaurants as a purveyor. After two years in business, the restaurant was sold back to the landlord and the Betti brothers took different routes.

Marco went on cruise ships, Gianni moved to Baltimore working as a chef in a Tuscan restaurant, and Sandro started working at a restaurant called Cisei, located in nearby Florence, which specialized in Tuscan cuisine. In Cisei Sandro worked and learned every station, pasta, pizza, grill, sauté and dessert. When the two older brothers came back home after four years, the three of them were in business together again taking over one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in the county of Florence called Antica Posta.

The beginning was very rough because the restaurant had lost its reputation under the previous owners. Thanks to Sandro and Gianni’s cooking and Marco’s talent for running the front of the restaurant, the reputation was quickly restored. 

Six years down the road in 1999, Marco moved to Atlanta, Georgia to open up Antica Posta Ristorante Toscano. Sandro joined him nine months after the opening as the Executive Chef. Under Sandro’s guidance, the restaurant is always rated amongst the top ones in the country. Due largely to Sandro’s culinary talents, Antica Posta in Atlanta, Georgia still owns the title of “Best Italian Restaurant.” In addition, Sandro has been honored by the local press which wrote several articles about him featuring his culinary talents. Together with brother Marco, they started at Antica Posta in Atlanta, Georgia, a successful monthly cooking school and since then Sandro’s popularity has grown because not only is he a great chef, but he also excels in the art of entertaining. 

Sandro’s career took another turn when at the beginning of November 2001 he moved to Orlando, Florida to open up Ristorante Tuscany at the Marriott World Center Resort reproducing the same successful authentic Tuscan menu that made Antica Posta ristorante toscano the best Italian restaurant in Atlanta. Since the opening, Ristorante Tuscany has been a major success and the compliments about the food are countless. That says a lot about Sandro’s performances as a chef.

The best quality about Sandro, along with his passion, is that he believes in his heart that he is only as good as the last meal that he serves and therefore, he spends most of his time cooking. 

It is obvious that due to all of Sandro’s prestige and notoriety concerning his talent and passion, his brother Marco is not the only person who thinks that he is the best chef around.

The Bettis base their recipes around seasonal fresh ingredients and the finest meats, fish and poultry. Their family specialties are the
home made Italian Salami.

Marco hosts wine and culinary tours to Italy and shares Italy’s treasured ingredients with his American guests, White truffles, Black Winter and Summer Truffles and his Father exquisite Tuscan extra olive oil. Marco regularly offeres wine dinners hosted by Italy’s most prominent winemakers. 

The Betti brothers welcome you to enjoy their family recipes paired with the finest Italian and American wines along with signature cocktails.

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