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Our Signature Antipasti – Appetizers

Bruschette con pomodori freschi e basilico $ 10 (Vegan)

Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil, evoo

Insalata di Marco $ 14 * (Vegan)

Owners favorite Salad: Arugula, green cabbage, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, green beans, cucumbers, evoo & whole grain mustard


Insalata con rucola e Parmigiano Reggiano $ 15 * (Vegetarian)

Salad with arugula lettuce, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and evoo dressing


Caprese: mozzarella di bufala, pomodori rucola olio ev Toscano $ 15 *(Vegetarian)

Caprese salad: Italian buffalo milk mozzarella, flown from Italy, vine ripe tomatoes, arugula, evoo dressing


Spaghetti al pomodoro $ 16 Appetizer (Vegan)

Spaghetti with Tuscan tomato sauce


Carpaccio di manzo $ 18 *

Piedmontese Beef Carpaccio on a bed of arugula topped with shaved Parmigiano cheese


Burrata di bufala con pachini e balsamico $ 15 *

Burrata cheese made with Italian buffalo milk, cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction


Salmone affumicato alla Toscana con insalata di rucola e cetrioli $ 18 *

Tuscan spices flavored Smoked Salmon atop arugula, cucumber and capers salad


Zuppa di fagioli cannellini e gamberi  $ 18 *

Cannellini beans soup with Red shrimp and truffle oil


Prosciutto San Daniele e mozzarella di bufala  $ 18 *

San Daniele prosciutto and fresh buffalo milk mozzarella from Italy


Polpo alla griglia, insalata di rucola, cipolle e Pachini $ 19 *

Antica’s Grilled Octopus: The Best Octopus recipe in the World


Cappesante alla piastra con burro tartufato $ 19 *

Skillet seared Scallops with black truffle butter


Foie Gras Con salsa al Vin Santo $ 19

Pan Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Vin Santo reduction


Antipasto misto: Pecorino, Parmigiano, Prosciutto, Finocchiona e Olive $ 29 *

Platter of  Pecorino, Parmigiano, Prosciutto, Salami & Olives (Serves 2)


Any of the above items followed by * are Gluten Free


Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish or Eggs May Increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


We are here to please you and appreciate your business!

Please note due to the high cost of ingredients all food and beverage menu items sales are final.

We are here to please you and appreciate your business! Our Family Recipes cannot be changed. Thank you for your understanding.

Use of loud volume electronic devices (iPads, tablets, cell phones etc...) is not allowed in the premises at any time


Our Signature Primi Piatti


We serve our pastas with plenty of sauce, so you can dig in like a naughty kidJ



Tortellini alla panna $ 26 Main Course ONLY

Veal Tortellini with fresh cream sauce & Parmigiano cheese


Rigatoni al ragù di salsicce di maiale $ 26 Main Course ONLY

Rigatoni with pork sausage ragù


Rigatoni all’arrabbiata $ 24 Main Course ONLY (Marco’s Favorite Pasta)

Rigatoni with classic Arrabbiata spicy tomato sauce (vegetarian & vegan)


Spaghetti Primavera $ 26 Main Course ONLY (vegan)

Spaghetti with asparagus, broccoli, green beans, olives in a Tuscan tomato sauce


Ravioli alla Pomarola di Mamma Rosanna $ 24 Main Course ONLY

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Mamma Rosanna Betti Tuscan tomato sauce


Ravioli al ragù toscano $ 20 Appetizer - $ 29 Main Course

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with classic mild flavor Tuscan meat sauce (beef and veal)


Pappardelle al ragù di cinghiale alla toscana $ 29 Main Course ONLY

Pappardelle with Tuscan style Wild Boar ragù


Ravioli burro e salvia $ 20 Appetizer - $ 29 Main Course

Spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli with butter and sage


Penne con Gamberi Fra’ Diavola $ 21 Appetizer - $ 32 Main Course 

Penne with spicy tomato sauce & shrimp


Gnocchi con Pomodoro e mozzarella $ 23 Appetizer - $ 32 Main Course

House made Gnocchi with Tuscan sauce and Mozzarella (freshly made very soft in texture)


Taglierini alla panna tartufata $ 21 Appetizer - $ 30 Main Course

House made Taglierini pasta with creamy truffle sauce


Risotto con gamberi, cozze, cappesante e zucchine * $ 28 Appetizer - $ 36 Main

Risotto with Fresh clams, Mussels, Scallops and Zucchini


Linguine allo scoglio con aragosta, gamberi e cappesante $ 49 Main Course ONLY

Linguine pasta with fresh Maine Lobster, crab and Scallops sautéed with shallots, parsley

in an evoo white wine sauce


Jumbo Lump Crab Meat Special Pasta: Only Offered when we get Top Quality Jumbo Lump Crab Meat. Ask your server for availability


Farfalle alla polpa di granchio gigante * $ 49 Main Only

Bow tie pasta with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat (5 oz) in a white wine evoo sauce with diced tomatoes


Penne, Farfalle, Gemelli, Rigatoni, Spaghetti, Linguine can be Vegan served with Tuscan Tomato Sauce

Our house made Fresh Pastas (Pappardelle, Ravioli, Tortellini, Gnocchi) contains small quantity of eggs

Any of the above sauces can be made with gluten free Penne pasta

The Truth About Pasta…..Fresh Pasta IS NOT better than Dry Pasta: Just Different

Traditional Italian Pasta Recipes Chart

Pasta with Seafood and Spicy Sauces: 100% Dry Pasta

Pasta with Cream & Butter Sauces: 70% Fresh Pasta 30% Dry Pasta

Pasta with Meat Sauces: 80% Fresh Pasta 20% Dry Pasta

Pasta with Tomato Sauce:  50% Fresh Pasta 50% Dry Pasta

We are here to please you and appreciate your business! Our Family Recipes cannot be changed. Thank you for your understanding

Our Signature Secondi Piatti (Main Courses)


Chef Sandro Oven Roasted Tuscan Chicken $ 30*

The Betti Family Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe at its best. Free range chicken marinated with evoo and Tuscan herbs. Best roasted chicken you could ever eat


Salmone alla Livornese $ 34 *

Salmon sautéed with cherry tomatoes, olives & capers


Petto di pollo arrosto piccante $ 32 *

Flash roasted free range light spicy double chicken breast, fresh veggie mix garnish


Carrè d’agnello al forno alla Toscana $ 44 *

Tuscan Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb seasoned with Sage & Rosemary


Filetto di spigola del Pacifico al forno con verdure $ 44 *

Oven roasted filet of Chilean Sea Bass, fresh veggie mix garnish


Filetto di manzo alla griglia $ Market *

Prime Beef 8 oz. grilled Center Cut Filet


Tagliata di manzo Piedmontese alla griglia con rucola $ Market *

Grilled Piedmontese Ribeye 14 oz Steak, sliced atop arugula lettuce


Lombatina di Vitella all griglia $ 59 *

Best Veal Chop in the City 14 oz Chop, perfectly trimmed and grilled


Ossobuco alla toscana $ 49 *

Centre cut 3” Veal shank braised in the traditional Tuscan way


Swordfish and Mediterranean Branzino Specials


Only offered when we get top quality Swordfish and Mediterranean Branzino. Ask your server if it is available


Branzino del Mediterraneo al forno (leggermente piccante) con capperi $ 49 *

Mediterranean Branzino (whole fish 700 grams) oven roasted, lightly spicy, topped with capers


Pesce spada alla griglia con salsa di olive e capperi $ 39 *

Grilled Swordfish, with Italian olives & capers sauce (on the side)


Contorni – Sides (All Vegan)


Broccoli Saltati Broccoli sautéed with Tuscan evoo and Vidalia onions $ 12 *

Verdure miste saltate Seasonal Veggie sautéed with Tuscan evoo and Vidalia onions $ 12 *

Patate al forno con salvia e rosmarino $ 9 * Oven roasted sage & rosemary potatoes

Insalata con rucola e misto campo, olio e.v. toscano e balsamico $ 9 * v

Salad with arugula and mixed field greens, Tuscan evoo & aged balsamic

Asparagi al vapore con evoo toscano $ 13 * Steamed asparagus with Tuscan evoo

Spinaci saltati con olio ev e cipolle Vidalia  $ 13 *Spinach, sautéed with evoo and Vidalia onions

Lenticchie Italiane in umido $ 12 *Braised organic Italian Lentils


Pomarola Tuscan Tomato Sauce $ 14

Alfredo sauce $ 16

Broccoli (added to pasta sauces) $ 10

Spinach (added to pasta sauces) $ 10

Grilled Chicken Breast $ 15

Shrimp in a white wine evoo sauce $ 19

Grilled Salmon Filet $ 22


Dolci, frutta e formaggi

Gelato alla Mandorla $ 8 *

Antica’s famous Almond gelato

Mousse al cioccolato $ 8 *

Chocolate mousse


Fragole con panna $ 8 *

Strawberries with house made whipped cream


Panna cotta con salsa ai frutti di bosco $ 8 *

Fresh cream pudding with wild berry sauce


Torta della Nonna $ 8

The delicious Florentine grandmother’s cake stuffed with custard cream.


Cannoli con crema pasticcera $ 8

Cannoli stuffed with house made Tuscan Pasticcera cream


Torta del Nonno $ 8

The delicious Florentine grandpa’s cake stuffed with chocolate cream


Semifreddo al torrone $ 8 *

Nougat Ice Cream cake


Parmigiano Reggiano $ 9 *

Parmigiano Reggiano: simply the best Italian cheese


Pecorino Toscano $ 9 *

Pecorino: the traditional sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany


Espresso $ 4 Cappuccino $ 5


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